Script Developer
Script Developer
Author: @Halfway

  1. How do I use this, it's an archive?
    Simply import in in the EntropyPlus Loader.

  2. The archive is password protected, what should I do?
    To prevent malicious usage of our scripts and any usage out of the EntropyPlus Loader, we have protected the script archives with a password. Do not worry about the password protection, just import the script as archive in the EntropyPlus Loader and it will install it regardless it's password protection.

  3. The scripts says outdated, but in the site I see it's says it was updated?
    Try reinstalling the script, if that doesn't work try clearing EntropyPlus Loader cache manually, here is a tutorial how to do it:

  4. Wheneven I get in game it says authentication failed, please reload the script.
    It seems like your EntropyPlus subscription has ended. Sometimes it may take some time before your account is downgraded to a normal subscriber once your subscription ends. In such case, just renew your subscription.

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