EntropyPlus Features

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  1. Script support for 95% of the champions
  2. Supports all utility scripts such as Activator, Tracker, Awareness, Evade
  3. Build in script database with search engine
  4. Fully automated script and loader updates with notifications
  5. HWID locking system
  6. Beautiful UI - thanks to @KillerBee and @Halfway
  7. Detailed game statistics to keep track of your progress
  8. Ready to use champion / utility script profiles
  9. Manual / automatic injection methods
  10. 1 Tap Script Installer - for all the lazy people
  11. Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  12. Uses complex emulation code to avoid detection
  13. Uses fully customizable fake cursor actions with extended humanizer for the streamers
  14. Features build in Zoom Hack, FPS Lock and Anti-AFK

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